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This is the part where I admit South Dakota has never been a favourite character, and will probably never be. She arranged it so that her brother would be in a dangerous situation, where he probably wouldn't survive. But I also have to recognize her strength of character, able to do what she has to in order to survive and carry on. There's always more to a person than what we can see, and I know that my ideas of loyalty, of being there for someone till the end, (especially those who are blood-kin or a chosen family) can be unhealthy. There's a time when you have to put yourself first.

Sometimes, the best choice is to walk away, sometimes, it's to stop and let go; and sometimes, being able to live another day and remember those who are gone is the only course you can take. Dying for someone is worthless - there's nobody left to carry on - but living, making the most of what you have left, that has to be admired.

So yes, this is a mix for South Dakota, but just facets of her. It's a rather lonely mix, solely focused on her. Not one half of the Twins, part of the Dakotas, one side of a team. Always half of a part and never the whole. She has always been in the shadow of her brother (and the younger sibling to boot), perhaps it's time she had her own path.

The roads I walk are paved with the broken promises I've made )
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It doesn't take a lot of things to give rise to a crossover idea. At least not for me. Just the fact that Wash's name is actually David was more than enough for me to see the connection to the titular character of the Bourne trilogy.

I've always been a fan of the Bourne novels by Robert Ludlum. An amnesiac assassin trying to find himself while running from the authorities that are trying to take him in? (That's only the tip of the iceberg) I'm all for it.

In parallel, Wash has been through a lot, lost his mind and had to work at it to find himself again. His A.I. was memory, lost and found, then lost again.

Memory is the key. )
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More banners! This time of Carolina and Maine fighting back to back while retrieving the briefcase. Same rules as usual, feel free to take these and modify them as you wish, but DO NOT HOTLINK.

Edited to add: +1 based on feedback elsewhere.

Also: credit to Rooster Teeth and for the last twothree images, Jeff Williams as well.

It's getting pointless now trying to keep up this game. Broken friendships watching pleasure turn to pain. )

CT. Banner

Apr. 28th, 2012 02:24 pm
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Size: 700 px x 300 px

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Free for anyone who stumbles upon these to enjoy. All images are from the machinima videos by Rooster Teeth.

1. Don't hotlink. Please save to your computer and upload.
2. No credit is necessary.
3. Feel free to modify them as you wish.
4. Thank you for looking.

Size: 286 x 700 px

One more of York )

Size: 300 x 700 px

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