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Created for Round 3 of [ profile] twreversebb Teen Wolf Reverse Big Bang: The fic is at AO3. It is lovely and gorgeous. Thank you for writing it.

MEDIA: Digital manipulation in photoshop CS4.

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Created for the Teen Wolf Superbang: The fic is on AO3

WARNING: None for the images.
MEDIA: Mixed. But mostly Photoshop CS4.

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Smallest sizes on display, click links for larger images.

Teen Wolf

450x229 px Wide

750x381 px | 924x470 px

Images from screen caps and HERE

Lyrics: Immortal - Adema

With help from a text-blur animation tutorial

Merlin BBC

500x311 px wide

700x436 px | 1455x906 px

Image from official photos
Brush: Floral Grunge - eGregory
Lyrics: Morrigan - Omnia
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Not my best work. This quote was at the center of a controversial subject once. Could it be considered a threat? A school administration sure thought so. Personally, I feel that they were overreacting, since in context, the quote speaks more of fair play and ethics that it does a direct call for violence. ]

Okay, so the Mal goes about saying so is not the most pleasant of words, but it's Mal.

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This is what I would consider my favourite quote from the entire series.
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More banners! This time of Carolina and Maine fighting back to back while retrieving the briefcase. Same rules as usual, feel free to take these and modify them as you wish, but DO NOT HOTLINK.

Edited to add: +1 based on feedback elsewhere.

Also: credit to Rooster Teeth and for the last twothree images, Jeff Williams as well.

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There are four 600 x 1000 px images under the cut. All are of Marion Cotillard (as Mallorie Cobb), with lyrics from Seven Devils, by Florence and the Machine.

Please don't hotlink.

All under cut, because images man, they're huge. )

CT. Banner

Apr. 28th, 2012 02:24 pm
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Size: 700 px x 300 px

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Free for anyone who stumbles upon these to enjoy. All images are from the machinima videos by Rooster Teeth.

1. Don't hotlink. Please save to your computer and upload.
2. No credit is necessary.
3. Feel free to modify them as you wish.
4. Thank you for looking.

Size: 286 x 700 px

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Size: 300 x 700 px

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